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Our Approach

Information and Aspirations

Our approach in life and work is with a positive, glass half full optimism where we aim to exceed your aspirations. There is not much in life that you can't achieve with dedication, hard work, great people, and a dash of humour. After all,

"if you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining" (Guy Finley)


Our understanding of this is that if you want something, you may have to put a little effort (in the right direction) to achieve it. With a great range of skills to support our experience, we believe we can help you with your home dreams. We have come across ways that are not ideal but also seen some amazing solutions.


Overall we aim to balance function, cost, efficiency, maintainability, and delivery in the best way possible.  In addition, we aim to:

  • Think outside the box
    We've found that teamwork and collaboration help to find those unusual solutions like multiple use spaces or that give you light in a windowless space in your home but this may be the norm our team.

  • Customised project management
    A plan is important, constantly reviewing that plan as new information comes to light is even more so. On our mid-to-large projects, we can provide regular updates in report form and/or have a face-to-face meeting to see and review the exciting progress.

  • Considerate site management
    We aim to respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety, care about our appearance as builders, and value our workforce and supply chain on each of our sites.

  • Health, safety and the environment
    Our environmental approach considers natural resources, pollution and waste recycling.

  • Communication
    Above all, communication is key. Whether it is before, during or after build, we aim to communicate and can even provide support and follow-up to ensure you are happy with our services and products. We find that keeping everyone informed and engaged makes our construction experience positive. After all, we are working for you so tell us what your aspirations and dreams are then we can strive to provide it for you and we will endeavour to keep communication top priority so you feel in control of your new adventure.

We are planning consultants as well as builders so have considerable experience in permitted developments, planning policies etc. so are best placed to create a design based on a thorough understanding of the guidelines.

We understand that your home is more than just a house and that every person has their own style. It's where we socialise with family and friends, have our space that we can call our very own in the whole wide world, and where memories are created that are treasured for years to come. So chat with us if you want a custom process. We are flexible and can usually accommodate even small changes or recommendations.

Info and aspirations

The Process

When you contact us to discuss your project we will typically take you through the following process


Initial Meeting

Our team will discuss thoroughly with you your plans and ideas taking the time to understand exactly what you want to achieve with your new project.  If necessary, we are also happy to make recommendations for partner architects and or interior designers.


Outline Cost

We will then provide you with an outline cost based on our discussions to give you an overall idea of the estimated cost of the project.  This is intended to be a guide without the finer detail at this stage before you specify your full requirements for plumbing, electrics and decoration for example.


Detailed cost and specification


Once you have considered the estimate we will draw up a detailed specification that includes all your individual itemised requirements. Whilst we recognise that things may change as the project progresses we try at this stage to assess the risk for any hidden costs and highlight these to you.


4 Schedule


A schedule of works is then drawn up so that you can see what will happen at your home, when it will occur and for how long.  As a fully integrated building company we are able to bring our own tradesmen on site ensuring that there is no time lag between the various disciplines, making for a much smoother build.​

5 Work begins


A dedicated project manager will be on hand to ensure that the schedule of work is followed and will keep you regularly informed of progress and any future decision that may be required to keep the project on track.

6 Completion

We will sign off your project with you to ensure that all the agreed plans have been completed to your entire satisfaction.   Any snag list drawn up will be completed before the final instalment is paid.

The Process

Large Projects and New Builds

For larger projects including new build homes our process and approach can be a bit different. We generally follow the process detailed above but we also provide...


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Large projects and new build homes
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