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Gatti Homes is a property development company founded in March 2013. We have been creating and refurbishing homes since the company was established although each member of our team has decades of previous experience in their respective fields.

Most of our projects are within Surrey or the South-West of London and are taken from an initial idea, through planning and construction, to completion.

Gatti Homes provide well thought out building and design solutions by combining functional requirements with exceptional style. We optimise the process, build, and implementation of the project and look to exceed your aspirations.

Meet Havea Gatti the founder of Gatti Homes Limited.

Our big softie (or "H" as many call him) is part Italian, part Tongan. This comes across in his work with Italian style and attention to detail mixed with a calm Island confidence that every perceived problem can be overcome. It's his personality that keeps the team laughing, allows him to get surprisingly good deals on supplies, plan implementations and solutions, and understand our customers so their dream is implemented in the most optimised way.

With over 2 decades in the construction industry, H has built a skilled team who have been creating beautiful homes in Surrey, Southwest London, and even Worthing!

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Unlike most people in our trade, we have achieved the status of Master Builder. This goes beyond "checked or "rated" and demonstrates our company has been professionally vetted by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), the UK's largest trade organisation in the building industry.

Our Master Builder badge is a sign of trust, quality, protection, and experience.


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We can offer a warranty on any work we carry out through FMB Insurance Services. Their policies are underwritten by Lloyds of London so you can be assured you're getting the cover you need.

Code of Practice

We follow the FMB's Code of Practice so when you choose us, you can rest assured you've chosen with confidence and get a better experience.


We have Public and Employers liability insurance and have passed credit and director checks.

Dispute Service

Should anything go wrong (not that we have ever needed this in all the years we have been trading) the FMB Dispute Service can provide Alternative Dispute Resolution.


We can offer you a contract on the building project so we both know where we stand.

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