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Also called home automation

Doorbells, heating, alarms, cameras, fridges, window blinds, sound/music systems, smart lock, control system, chromecast, ... 

Smart homes and smart devices:

  • provide convenience

  • they save you time

  • increase energy efficiency

  • and they can put your mind at ease about the safety of your home and belongings.

Contrary to popular belief, smart homes normally don't show much to indicate what they can do (with some exceptions).

Imagine this, you walk into your living room, sit down on your favourite chair with family and movie snacks. Ask the TV to turn on and play "The Grinch" because this is a family favourite at Christmas time. The sound is truly surrounding you and the glow around the  TV is synced to the movie.

For example, if you had that dream cinema room at home, it could have speakers hidden all around the room, you could ask 

When it finishes and everyone goes to bed, you know your smart home will turn the thermostats from your comfortable 20 degrees to eco at this time of day, you say goodnight to your home so it can lock the doors, change the house lighting , and set the downstairs alarm for you. In the morning, you awake naturally with a sunrise light, music starts just as you jump in the shower after your coffee and fresh bread breakfast (of course these were prepared for you by your home just the way you like it). And then leave for work in your electric car which is now charged in your driveway that has special sensors ensuring it cannot have ice or snow on it.

What Makes a Smart Home "Smart"

ANSWER: The home has more than one Internet connected device that controls household functions through a hub system or mobile app


Cameras, alarms, sensors

Building management, intelligent security systems


Make this your own. Click here 
to add the content you want.


Make this your own. Click here 
to add the content you want.


Environmental technology e.g. green roof, grey water recycling system

Climate control

Underfloor heating, air vents, etc.

Energy Efficiency

Save £ in building new homes with integrated BIPV to generate electricity then make £


​As well as security cameras, sensors, person detection, there is some important options...

  • Professionally monitored fire and burglar alarms

  • Remote water detection or shut-off devices

  • Smart carbon monoxide detectors


Oh this is where it gets fun! Music always sounds better to me when it is loud. It's more than because I can't hear myself singing! It helps me hear the individual notes from say a guitar or sax and the base affects my heart where I can feel the emotion happy or sad.


My other half doesn't share my enthusiasm for music but does have a passion for movies and games. To be drawn into a story whether movie or TV series and it is super exciting when you can control this for gaming. It's very funny how competitive we all get when playing against each other in driving and dancing games!

For those who appreciate the quiet and golden silence of other peoples sounds, we can provide partial or full insulation for rooms to contain sounds to specific areas. Alternatively, if you would like to share the sound this can be arranged also.


Climate Control



I love lights!!! No matter what time of year, they have the potential to make me feel so much happiness. From the ones outside hanging on the tree and through the pergola, the indirect light in the living room that helps me see without direct shine irritation, the utility room which is bright but uses sensors so I don't even think of pushing a button, the ones that just *shine* in the bathroom because they reflect off the mirror, to a simple lamp that helps me to immerse myself in a dream world while reading, I just love lights!


Energy Efficiency

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